Facepainting & Bodypainting


Painting of a naked body is very popular in the revival of the various parties.
On the body can be applied the logo of your company. It serves as the notoverlooked advertising corporate events, exhibitions, car shows and festivals.
I can do bodypainting as entertainment – for promotions and corporate events, people can watch these shows.
Painting can be done on the top of bikini or without. I paint usually from the waist up, no legs.
I have my database of the most popular models.

Painting on face is a popular attraction for both children and adults at various social events:
for example, MDD, Mother’s Day, Nicholas, Halloween, Christmas Party, Family Day, corporate days, carnivals…
Within 3 minutes your child will become a princess, pet or comic book hero. Adults will be pleased with their little one’s painted flower or ornament. Little stones can be glued, using glitters.

Do you own a restaurant, bar, disco, do you operate a swimming pool? Do you ever organize themed evenings, corporate games or parties? What about to make more attractive program and let your visitors to paint?
We offer original face and body painting: carnivals, fashion shows, presentation events, parties, balls… During painting we use special paintcolours on face and body that are not harmful to health.
Little stones can be glued, using glitters. I use colors, that are non-slump, so people can enjoy themselves and have fun without worrying of slipping off the paint, it’s water washable.



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